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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters – Evolutions and Stats

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters

In 2022, Game Freak developed and Nintendo and The Pokémon Company published two role-playing video games for the Nintendo Switch, named Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. These games mark the beginning of the ninth generation of the Pokémon video game series, and were announced in February 2022, with a release date of November 18, 2022.

Unlike earlier games in the franchise, these two games are set in an open world, specifically the Paldea region, which is based on the Iberian Peninsula. Players can choose from three different storylines. Scarlet and Violet introduce 110 new Pokémon, along with two new regional forms. There are also time-displaced creatures called Paradox Pokémon and the Terastal phenomenon, which allows a Pokémon to transform into its exclusive “Tera Type”. Players will recognize features from previous modern Pokémon games, such as the appearance of Pokémon in the overworld and large open areas.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters

As with previous generations of Pokemon games, players must choose one of these three as their first partner. The Starter Pokemon include a Grass-type, a Fire-type, and a Water-type, respectively. Among the vast collection of Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet, there are three Starter Pokemon:


Although Sprigatito is undeniably cute, its Grass typing and moveset make it less useful in the first few gyms, which tend to feature Bug and Grass-type Pokemon. However, if players choose to tackle the Stony Cliff Titan gym first, Sprigatito will have an advantage over the Rock-type Pokemon they will encounter.

Out of the three Starter Pokemon, Sprigatito boasts the highest base Speed stat and a reasonably high Physical Attack stat. Nevertheless, it also has the most vulnerabilities, being weak to moves of the Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison types.


Fuecoco, a fire-breathing crocodile with a love for food, has emerged as the most popular Starter Pokemon, as per fan polls. It’s easy to understand why, with its endearing grin and large eyes. Due to its Fire typing, Fuecoco is the top choice for players who wish to tackle the gyms in the recommended order since it is super effective against both Katy and Brassius’ Pokemon teams. Nevertheless, it is weak against the first recommended Titan Pokemon. Fuecoco is not weak against any Team Star members until it acquires its secondary typing.

Fuecoco’s stats are reasonably balanced, although it is the slowest among the three Starter Pokemon. It boasts the best defensive stats, making it a sturdy choice for extended battles.


Quaxly, a Water-type Starter Pokemon, boasts swishable hair and a fashionable appearance. It has the highest physical attack stat among all three starters and is a dependable choice if you want to tackle any of the three paths first, despite encountering its weakness to Grass-types early in Victory Road.

Upon reaching level 16, Quaxly evolves into Quaxwell and ultimately into Quaquaval at level 36. The Fighting-type Quaquaval acquires during its final evolution may cause difficulties when facing Psychic and Fairy-type teams, but it is a reliable starter for the midgame. While not as robust as Skeledirge, it has a higher speed stat than the crocodile. Furthermore, while it is a tad slower than Meowscarada, it possesses slightly better defense, in addition to its high attack power.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters Evolutions

#PokémonType(s)Evolves atFinal Evolution
001SprigatitoGrassLevel 16Floragato
002FloragatoGrassLevel 36Meowscarada
004FuecocoFireLevel 16Crocalor
005CrocalorFireLevel 36Skeledirge
007QuaxlyWaterLevel 16Quaxwell
008QuaxwellWaterLevel 36Quaquaval

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters Stats

NameTypeAbilityHPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
MeowscaradaGrass / DarkOvergrow76110708170123

Best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter

Looking for the best Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet? It all depends on your strategy!

If you plan to take on Victory Road first, Fuecoco is a great option with its defensive stats and strong Special Attack. For those targeting the Titans, Sprigatito’s speed and strength make it a solid choice, though it does have the most weaknesses.

If it’s Team Star that’s giving you trouble, Quaxly’s balanced stats and high physical attack make it a great bet. But ultimately, there’s no wrong choice. With an open-world game like Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, your objectives and chosen Pokémon will determine your experience. So choose your starter wisely and have fun exploring the Paldea region!

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