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Pokemon Green Starters – Evolutions and Stats

Pokemon Green Starters

Pokemon Green is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy handheld console. It was released in Japan in 1996, and it is part of the first generation of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Green is similar to the Pokemon Red and Blue versions, with the same storyline, gameplay mechanics, and features. The player assumes the role of a Pokemon trainer, who must capture, train, and battle with various Pokemon creatures in order to become the champion of the Pokemon League.

One of the main differences between Pokemon Green and the other first-generation Pokemon games is that it was only released in Japan, while Pokemon Red and Blue were released worldwide. Additionally, Pokemon Green had several bugs and glitches that were later fixed in the international releases.

Pokemon Green Starters

The three starter Pokemon in Pokemon Green are:

  • Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon. It has a bulb on its back that grows as it absorbs sunlight, and it uses the stored energy to power its moves.
  • Charmander: Charmander is a Fire-type Pokemon. It has a flame on the end of its tail, which it uses to light up dark places and as a weapon in battles.
  • Squirtle: Squirtle is a Water-type Pokemon. It has a shell on its back that provides excellent defense, and it uses powerful water-based attacks in battle.

These three starter Pokemon have become iconic in the Pokemon franchise and are often referred to as the “original starters.” Players can choose one of these Pokemon as their starting companion at the beginning of the game, and it will accompany them on their journey to become a Pokemon master.

Pokemon Green Starters Pokedex

BulbasaurGrass/PoisonA small, quadrupedal creature with a bulb on its back.
The bulb absorbs sunlight, which it uses to power its moves.
CharmanderFireA bipedal creature with a flame on the end of its tail.
It uses the flame to light up dark places and as a weapon.
SquirtleWaterA small, quadrupedal creature with a shell on its back.
The shell provides excellent defense, and it can shoot water-based attacks.

Pokemon Green Starters Stats

PokemonTypeHPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeed

Pokemon Green Starters Evolution

PokemonTypeEvolution 1Evolution 2
BulbasaurGrass/PoisonIvysaur (Level 16)Venusaur (Level 32)
CharmanderFireCharmeleon (Level 16)Charizard (Level 36)
SquirtleWaterWartortle (Level 16)Blastoise (Level 36)

Pokemon Green Starters Comparison

Starter PokémonTypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
CharmanderFireStrong against Grass, Ice, Bug, and SteelWeak against Water, Ground, and Rock
SquirtleWaterStrong against Fire, Rock, and GroundWeak against Grass and Electric
BulbasaurGrass/PoisonStrong against Water, Ground, and RockWeak against Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic

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