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Pokemon Emerald Starters – Evolutions and Stats

Pokemon Emerald Starters

Pokémon Emerald is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance handheld console. It was released in Japan in 2004 and internationally in 2005.

The game is set in the Hoenn region, where the player takes on the role of a young Pokémon trainer who sets out on a journey to become the Pokémon League Champion. Along the way, the player must battle and capture a variety of Pokémon, train them, and use them to defeat Gym Leaders and the Elite Four.

Pokemon Emerald Starters

In Pokémon Emerald, players get to choose from three different starter Pokémon to begin their journey. These starter Pokémon are:

  • Treecko: A grass-type Pokémon that evolves into Grovyle and then Sceptile. Treecko has high speed and special defense, making it a good choice for players who prefer a fast and agile Pokémon.
  • Torchic: A fire-type Pokémon that evolves into Combusken and then Blaziken. Torchic has good speed and attack stats, making it a great choice for players who prefer a more offensive and aggressive playstyle.
  • Mudkip: A water-type Pokémon that evolves into Marshtomp and then Swampert. Mudkip has high defense and special defense stats, making it a good choice for players who prefer a defensive and tanky playstyle.

Pokemon Emerald Starters Pokedex

Starter PokemonTypePokedex NumberPokedex Entry
TreeckoGrass252The soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings.
TorchicFire255A fire burns inside, so it feels very warm to hug. It launches fireballs of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.
MudkipWater258The fin on Mudkip’s head acts as highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of water and air, this Pokémon can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes.

Pokemon Emerald Starters Stats

Starter PokemonTypeHPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeed

Pokemon Emerald Starters Evolution

Starter PokemonTypeEvolution Level 1Evolution Level 2
TreeckoGrassEvolves at level 16 into GrovyleEvolves at level 36 into Sceptile
TorchicFireEvolves at level 16 into CombuskenEvolves at level 36 into Blaziken
MudkipWaterEvolves at level 16 into MarshtompEvolves at level 36 into Swampert

Pokemon Emerald Starters Comparison

Starter PokemonTypeHPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedPrimary Strength(s)Primary Weakness(es)
TreeckoGrass404535655570Speed and Special AttackIce, Fire, Poison, Flying
TorchicFire456040705045Attack and Special AttackWater, Ground, Rock
MudkipWater507050505040Attack and DefenseGrass, Electric

Best Pokemon Emerald Starters

Choosing the “best” starter in Pokemon Emerald ultimately comes down to personal preference and play style. However, here are some general strengths and weaknesses of each starter to help you decide which one may be best for you:

  • Treecko (Grass type): Has high speed and special attack, making it good for quick attacks and special moves. Its final evolution, Sceptile, has a diverse moveset and can learn moves like Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, and Earthquake. However, Treecko and its evolutions are weak to fire, ice, poison, and flying type moves.
  • Torchic (Fire type): Has high attack and special attack, making it good for both physical and special moves. Its final evolution, Blaziken, is a powerful Fire/Fighting type with a wide range of moves, including Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, and Brave Bird. However, Torchic and its evolutions are weak to water, ground, and rock type moves.
  • Mudkip (Water type): Has high defense and attack, making it good for tanking hits and physical moves. Its final evolution, Swampert, is a Water/Ground type with a diverse moveset, including Surf, Earthquake, and Hammer Arm. However, Mudkip and its evolutions are weak to grass and electric type moves.

Ultimately, the best starter for you will depend on your personal preference and play style. All three starters have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that best suits your preferred battling style.

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