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Pokemon Crystal Starters – Evolutions and Stats

Pokemon Crystal Starters

Pokemon Crystal is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color handheld console. It was first released in Japan in December 2000, and later in North America, Europe, and Australia in 2001.

The game is set in the Johto region and features 251 different Pokemon to catch, train, and battle with. It also introduced several new features to the Pokemon series, such as the ability to choose the player’s gender, animated Pokemon sprites, and the Battle Tower, a post-game challenge where players can battle against strong trainers.

One of the major additions in Pokemon Crystal was the inclusion of a new storyline featuring the legendary Pokemon Suicune. The game also featured new events and characters, as well as improvements to the game’s graphics and sound.

Pokemon Crystal Starters

In Pokemon Crystal, players can choose from three different starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game. These starter Pokemon are:

  • Chikorita – a Grass-type Pokemon that resembles a small dinosaur with a leaf on its head. Chikorita has a gentle nature and is a good choice for beginners.
  • Cyndaquil – a Fire-type Pokemon that resembles a small, blue and orange porcupine. Cyndaquil is a fast and powerful attacker, making it a good choice for players who like to battle aggressively.
  • Totodile – a Water-type Pokemon that resembles a small crocodile. Totodile is a strong and tough Pokemon, making it a good choice for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle.

Pokemon Crystal Starters Pokedex

Starter PokemonTypePokedex Entry
ChikoritaGrass“A timid Pokémon that is often curled up in a ball. It is easily spooked. When threatened, it withdraws its head into its shell.”
CyndaquilFire“It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection.”
TotodileWater“Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful.”

Pokemon Crystal Starters Stats

Starter PokemonTypeHPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeed

Pokemon Crystal Starters Evolution

Starter PokemonTypeEvolution Stage 1Evolution Stage 2Evolution Stage 3

Pokemon Crystal Starters Comparison

ChikoritaOvergrowGrass-type moves, high defenseWeak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Bug-type moves
CyndaquilBlazeFire-type moves, high speedWeak to Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves
TotodileTorrentWater-type moves, high attackWeak to Grass and Electric-type moves

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